Foreign Exchange

Have you got a robust foreign exchange strategy in place? With a growing number of our clients trading and doing business internationally, we recognise that for many, the nature of dealing with foreign exchange and cross-border transactions can be a minefield as well as potentially costly exercise.

To help support our clients uncover the best way to manage foreign exchange transactions and international payments, within Streets Financial Consulting PLC we have partnered with two highly reputable and FCA regulated global payment specialist firms.

Whether you are paying overseas suppliers, managing international payroll, importing or exporting or making one-off international payments, both of our partner firms are able to look after your needs. From quick and easy online payments and hedging solutions to mass payments on a global scale, they can assist with the right solution for you.

Working collaboratively with clients, we work to develop a deep understanding of how currency volatility impacts your business, before delivering a risk management solution strategy to meet your specific objectives.
Benefits include:

  • Preferential exchange rates negotiated which are typically better than those of a hight street bank.
  • A dedicated currency consultant and personal named dealer.
  • A free currency ‘health check’ designed to benchmark your existing foreign exchange strategy.
  • Multiple currency holding accounts that are segregated and safeguarded for your security.
  • Expert market guidance and analysis.

For more information and to benefit from this service, please contact:

Martyn Shakespear | Banking and Finance

Martyn Shakespear
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