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Guide to Pensions Freedom

Guide to Pensions Freedom

Helping you make the most of your new freedoms

The new government pensions freedom rules came into place from 6 April 2015. It’s really important to understand the changes and review your options, because from the age of 55, you can now take responsibility for the money you’ve saved and access your pension pot however you like.

Most people will now have more options when it comes to their retirement choices. But generally they’ll still want their pension income to last their lifetime – so careful planning is a must.


Guide to the Budget 2015

A Guide to the 2015 Budget

The key announcements that could influence your financial planning decisions in the year ahead and beyond

In his final Budget before May’s general election, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced tax cuts for first-time buyers, workers and savers, and claimed Britain was ‘walking tall again’ after five years of austerity.

In our Budget 2015 Summary, we have provided information about the key announcements but primarily look at the main areas around financial planning.


Guide to the Budget 2015

Guide to Wealth Goals

How to save for a rainy day and plan a comfortable retirement

Reaching wealth goals and achieving personal ambitions are major objectives of the financial planning process. In order to make plans for the future, you need to know where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

Wealth goal-setting is very much like creating a business plan. You need to know a starting point and ending point, the time frame for ‘exiting’ (or reaching your goals), and the estimated cost involved.


Creating a Diverse Investment Portfolio

Guide to Creating a Diverse Investment Portfolio

How to work out your own investing style when things aren't black and white

‘Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket’ is probably the best known proverb advising investors about the importance of portfolio diversification to spread and reduce risk.

In this guide, we look at ways to protect your portfolio by spreading your risk across several different asset classes and some of the many different assets in which you can invest, each with different risk characteristics.


Guide to New Pension Freedoms

Guide to New Pension Freedoms

Giving people greater power over how they spend, save or invest their retirement pots

Whether you’re saving for old age, about to retire or already have, you need to give your pension some attention following the announcement of the new pension freedom reforms. Perhaps most important of all were the changes announced in the 2014 Budget, which mean many more will now be able to retire and withdraw money from their pension without buying an annuity.


Equity Release

Guide to Equity Release

Unlocking cash in your home - is it right for you?

We all look forward to the day when we can stop or cut down on the amount of time we spend at work and all of the things we’d like to do once we’ve retired. If you’re facing a pension shortfall or need to meet an unexpected expense, equity release may be an option to consider. It allows you to unlock some of the wealth you’ve accumulated in your property without having to move. But before you consider taking this option, there are key aspects of it that you need to know.


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September / October 2020 Newsletter

September / October 2020 Newsletter

Silver Splitters - Financial fall-out of divorcing in middle age

'No Desire to Retire' - Why working and retirement are no longer binary terms

Planning to Leave a Family Legacy? - Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Will making

plus much more


Mar / Apr 2020 Newsletter

March / April 2020 Newsletter

Planning For Tomorrow - Will my retirement income be enough to live on comfortably?

Top 4 Tips For Good Tax Planning - What should I consider before the end of this tax year?

Preserving Your Legacy - How to keep your wealth in the family

Time To Give Your Pension Pot A Boost? - Planning ahead for the financial future you want

plus much more


Jan / Feb 2020 Newsletter

January / February 2020 Newsletter

Estate Protection - Preserving your wealth and transferring it effectively

Retiring Abroad - Prior preparation is key for a smooth transition into your new life

ISA Returns Of The Year - Time to explore your ISA options?

Wealth Uplift - Calculating the value of financial advice

plus much more


Nov / Dec 2019 Newsletter

November / December 2019 Newsletter

Cultivate The Art Of Patience - Focus on long-term investment objectives

Sleepwalking Into Retirement - How much will you need to save to afford a comfortable retirement?

Tax-wise - Make the most of your valuable allowances, reliefs and exemptions

Every Journey Starts With A Destination - Looking at the bigger picture for your wealth and security

plus much more


Sept / Oct 2019 Newsletter

September / October 2019 Newsletter

Retirement Resilience - Taking the reins and having more control over your pension pot

Not Ready To Give Up Working And Retire - Almost half of UK employees expect to work beyond the age of 65

Cashing Out - Pension changes brought a whole new range of options to consider

Saving Adequately For The Future - How much should you try to save to have a comfortable retirement?

plus much more


July / August 2019 Newsletter

July / August 2019 Newsletter

Choppy waters, not full-on gale - Wait for the bad weather to pass and stay the course

Goldilocks economy - How to prepare your portfolio for inflation

Healthy, wealthy and well advised - Financial complexities of passing on wealth

Show me the money - Turning pensions into money you can use

plus much more


May / June 2019 Newsletter

May / June 2019 Newsletter

Inheritance Tax - No longer something that only affects the very wealthy

Building a diverse portfolio - Time, patience and making informed decisions

Tracing a lost pension - The scale of the UK's lost pensions mountain has been exposed by the largest study yest on the subject

plus much more


March / April 2019 Newsletter

March / April 2019 Newsletter

Life after work - Planning for the retirement you deserve

Your ISA, your future - Time to reimagine how to invest more tax-efficiently?

Retirement options - Greater responsibility on individuals to plan for financial security in old age

Brexit - what next? - Unintended consequences

plus much more


January / February 2019 Newsletter

January / February 2019 Newsletter

Exploring your ISA options - Time to give your financial future a boost?

Keeping it in the family - Careful planning can reduce or even eliminate the inheritance Tax payable

For the life you want - Building up your nest egg is more discipline than difficult

State Pension - Move to equalise male and female pension ages

plus much more


November/December Newsletter

November / December 2018 Newsletter

Festive Gifts - Building wealth for a solid financial future

Inflation Matters - Impact of rising prices on investments

Wealth Navigator - Planning the best route for the next generation

Avoid The Mad March Rush - Get a head start on your tax planning resolutions

plus much more


September / October 2018 Newsletter

September / October 2018 Newsletter

Positive Outcomes - Impact investing without sacrificing returns or profits

Generation still Taxed - Numbers nearly double in the last two decades

Seize the day Today - Make your vision a reality

Should I stay or should I go now? - Key aspects that influence retirement decisions

plus much more


July/August Newsletter

July / August 2018 Newsletter

Transferring ISAS - Time to bring your investments together?

Back to the Future - Visualising what really matters to you is the key to the planning process

When I'm gone - How a simple list can help your loved ones after your death

ISA Rules and Inheritance Tax - Families set to pay millions in unnecessary tax

plus much more


May / June 2018 Newsletter

May / June 2018 Newsletter

Protecting your estate for future generations

Generous grandparents - The bank that likes to say ‘yes’

Your money, your choice - Supporting your future financial requirements

Making the most of your pensions - Have you accumulated multiple plans that need reviewing?

Retirement wealth - What’s the right answer for you?

plus much more


March/April Newsletter

March / April 2018 Newsletter

Market matters - Don’t let current global uncertainties affect your financial planning

Wealth preservation - Reducing Inheritance Tax means taking action now

Tips to minimise the tax you pay - Have you utilised your tax planning deadline opportunities?

Retirees enjoy new lease of life - Pensioners embracing the benefits of retirement

plus much more


November/December Newsletter

January / February 2018 Newsletter

Making solid financial resolutions - Grow your money and live the life you want

Reach your financial goals - Helping you realise your retirement vision

‘Sandwich’ generation - Not having enough money for retirement is the biggest concern

ISA returns of the year - Taking control over where your money is invested tax-efficiently

plus much more


November/December Newsletter

November / December 2017 Newsletter

Don’t worry, be happy - How to build a sustainable retirement income plan

Growing care costs - Ageing population faces significant funding crisis

Your wealth. Your legacy - Families shying away from difficult conversations

Market sentiment - Reaching your long-term investment goals

plus much more


September/October Newsletter

September / October 2017 Newsletter

New State Pension age - How will it affect your retirement plans?

Shopping around for a better deal - Consumers lost £130 million by sticking with the same pension provider in 2016.

Investing for income - How certain innate behavioural traits influence our decision-making

plus much more


May/June Newsletter

May / June 2017 Newsletter

Road to Brexit - Biggest investment planning challenge over the coming years for all investors.

Protecting your finances and well-being - Millions of Britons face financial fallout should serious illness strike.

Pension freedoms - Retirement savers say they are still confused by the rules.

plus much more


March/April Newsletter

March / April 2017 Newsletter

Safeguarding wealth for future generations - New Inheritance Tax rules apply from 6 April 2017.

A little today, a lot tomorrow - Managing investment risk during turbulent markets.

Looking to the future - Cost of essentials is the most common perceived threat to over-55s.

plus much more


January/February Newsletter

January / February 2017 Newsletter

Delegating Power - When you are unable to make your own decisions.

Top Trump - Winners and losers from the seismic US election result.

2016/17 Year End Planning - Keeping your taxes as low as possible – what you may wish to consider sooner rather than later.

Investment Outlook - Taking advantage of opportunities in 2017.

plus much more


November/December Newsletter

November / December 2016 Newsletter

Navigating Your Investment Options - How professional financial advice can prove invaluable.

Money's Too Tight To Mention - Planning financially for long-term sickness.

Consolidating Your Pension Pots - What you need to consider to ensure you don't lose out.

plus much more


September/October Newsletter

September / October 2016 Newsletter

Pension Reforms - How the lifetime allowance reduction could impact on your retirement savings.

Investment Matters Post-brexit - Facing new challenges at every turn to meet long-term objectives.

Empty Nest, Empty Wallet - Parents putting financial health at risk to fund university costs.

plus much more


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